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Workshop 1

Striving for the Magis in Middle Years Education (Years 5 – 8)

Presented by: Kathleen Upfold, Director of Xavier College – Kostka Hall Campus and Peter Cooper, Director of Xavier College – Burke Hall Campus


Target Audience:   Staff working with Middle Years boys from Years 5 – 8


Brief Description:  The Middle Years for young adolescents is a time of the most significant physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth in a child’s life. With this in mind, Xavier College has a specialist approach to the needs of boys. This workshop will explore a range of programs offered at both campuses including: staff leadership and

meeting structures, student wellbeing programs, student leadership programs, learning management systems and religious retreat programs. 


Participants who attend this workshop will be given copies of various programs and will have an opportunity to share programs with other participants in small groups.

Workshop 5

Young Adult Ministries 

Presented by: Tim Boyd and Paul Salmon


Target Audience:  Those with an interest in how do we encourage graduates of our schools to pursue their interest in their spiritual lives.


Brief Description:  There will be two presentations from the young adult ministry projects that many of our students are engaged with. the presentations will brief participants on the complexities and opportunities associated with both of the Projects.

The Sydney based Cardoner Project is a not-for-profit, student-focused hub for volunteering; offering assistance to disadvantaged communities both locally and abroad. With a mission to deepen human, spiritual and intellectual formation, young men and women involved with the Project are grounded in a love of the poor and a desire for social justice.

The Melbourne based Youth Engagement Project is a collaborative project between 2 schools and 3 parishes and is designed to offer a variety of activities that ensure that opportunities for youth engagement exist across our parishes, schools and young adult groups providing pathways for the further involvement of young people in the Church. 

Workshop 7

The Fire Beneath the Surface

Presented by: Frances Tilly, The National  First Spiritual Exercises Team


Target Audience:  Anyone drawn to explore ‘deciding from inside’ and claim what ‘satisfies the soul’. 


Brief Description:  Presenting a contrary view:

                          Self - team – staff – school - community;                           in these relationships, knowing my heart in the                     heart of God.


This practical, experiential workshop includes prayer and conversation. We will use the First Spiritual Exercises to become more aware of the extraordinary, accessible treasures of Ignatian discernment in one’s life. What do I desire? Where can I find life? Do I have to be strong to serve? What is my true face? What Is under my feet?

Workshop 2

Using the Grad at Grad Profile as a vehicle for innovative Religious Education programs

Presented by: Annalisa Barry, Curriculum Coordinator Saint Ignatius College Adelaide


Target Audience:  RECs, Religious Education teachers, student leadership mentors, Pastoral Care coordinators


Brief Description:  The Profile of the Graduate at Graduation is a document rich in possibilities. It provides Jesuit and Ignatian Colleges a blueprint for developing Religious Education programs that can inspire our graduates to recognize their individual strengths, and make plans to carry their Ignatian qualities beyond the classroom into the world. This workshop will explore the depth of the Profile to reveal opportunities for innovative curriculum design and share insights from Saint Ignatius’ College Adelaide’s novel approach to Senior Religious Education groups.

Workshop 6

Immersions and Service Learning

Presented by: Chris Dureau and Katherine Zerounian


Target Audience:  Staff working in the area of Immersions and Service learning programs.


Brief Description:  There will be two presentations:

The first will be given by Mr Chris Dureau Director and Principal Consultant for Matrix International Consulting. Chris has vast experience in Social Welfare and Community Development and has much experience in training volunteers to engage with overseas placements in developing countries. Chris was the previous Chair of Jesuit Mission and has a long association with the Jesuits.

The second presentation will be given by Katherine Zerounian, Faith and Service Coordination for Saint Ignatius College Riverview. Katherine will give a presentation on "Teaching to Transform - the Garate Project. This project has been specifically designed to make a clear connection between the Service program and the classroom so that service becomes "learning in action."  

Workshop 3

Restorative Justice in Practise 

Presented by: Daniel Clemens

Target Audience:  People interested in learning more around our work with young people and families who intersect the criminal justice system including the application of restorative practice through group conferencing.


Brief Description:  An introduction to the work of the Justice Programs of Jesuit Social Services

This workshop will also explore the way that restortative Justice is used to assist working with people who have come from the justice system.

Workshop 4

Reconciliation with Creation - 

Yarra River Walk

Presented by: Mark Beers, Sue Martin, Bronwen Kellett, Gerry Sullivan


Target Audience:  Sustainability Coordinators or anyone interested in sustainability


Brief Description:  

Starting from the Xavier College Burke Hall Campus the walk will cover 4-5 kms along the picturesque Yarra River walking trails stopping for lunch at the Collingwood Children’s Farm/Abbottsford Convent historical and cultural precinct.


Along the way we will have time to soak up some of the history of the Yarra River and the local Yarra Bend Park region and to discover more about the Indigenous tribal land-use of the region.


We will also observe places of native revegetation and other environmental projects by Xavier College Burke Hall students and visit Dight’s Falls, Studley Park Boathouse and the Jesuit Social Services Bush Hut.  The walk is proposed to be a relaxing, enjoyable and practical experience of Pope Francis’ message of “Care for Our Common Home.”

Workshop 8

"Country, connection and Kinship” and understanding the experience of Indigenous students in Australian Boarding schools

Presented by: Stephanie Armstrong and Marnie O’Bryan


Target Audience:  Teachers and School Leaders


Brief Description:  The first part of this workshop will see Marnie present her investigation into the lived experience of Indigenous students in predominantly non-Indigenous boarding schools. Data for this study emerge from interviews with Indigenous alumni of boarding schools from around Australia, their parents and or grandparents. Findings center on what young people and their families identify as key barriers to success and enabling factors in achieving academic success in boarding schools.


The second part of this workshop will see Stephanie explore ways the curriculum can best support Indigenous students in the classroom. It will also explore issues faced by Indigenous students at school. Participants are asked to bring a small passage to share about what connects them to Country? or who they are?

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